Take Some Advice from Millions of Successful Students

*Building on the student success innovation of the last two decades, and by pulling together the data footprints of more than 20 million students over the last decade, this presentation offers some advice for students—and those championing their cause. We’ll unpack the power of purpose—getting to the “why?” and “where do you want to go?” questions—on the journey. Also, student data stories make it clear that putting together, getting on, and staying on an academic pathway matter. Finally, it’s the extra work that really stands out: extra-academic. Getting your mindset right, getting connected, getting support all make a powerful difference—much more than you might think—in how students successfully navigate the pathway to possibility that is education. Finally, we’ll offer some suggestions for taking this work to the next level, challenging students to reach back and support those that follow on the path.

*this presentation can be geared for student audiences, educator audiences, or mixed