Future-Ready Learning: Helping More Students Take on the Challenges of Today and Embrace the Promise of Tomorrow

The future is coming fast—faster than ever—and education has never been more necessary to open the way to personal, community, and national possibilities. However, the world of education is struggling to help more, and more diverse students get on, stay on, and succeed on their pathways through education. In this presentation, we’ll dive into explorations of five vital focus areas that will help us get ready to help our students get ready for the challenges of today and the promise of tomorrow. We’ll explore (1) embracing digital transformation in our teaching, learning, and student support infrastructures; (2) expanding the learning options for students; (3) doubling down on the importance of psycho-social factors and student agency; (4) making the most of advanced analytics platforms to focus data use on fostering a “culture of care and enrichment”; and (5) leveraging all of the above–together with strategic advocacy–to help significantly more striving and all-too-often struggling students gain access to and experience success on the pathway to possibility that is education.