Meeting the Moment: Bringing Forward Innovations in In-Person, Blended, and Online Learning and Support

To many in education, this last year feels brutal and undeserved. Many are exhausted. Others are angry. Some have suffered devastating personal impacts. But rather than viewing this time as a cruel punishment of horrible happenstance, we should challenge ourselves to engage a process in service of our higher callings in education. We should take a beat, learn more about the inspiring work of our larger education community as together we used an array of in-person, blended, and online tools in innovative ways for learning and student support. In this session we’ll dive deep into these and related topics as we (1) confront the conflation of emergency remote learning with decades of digital-learning practice; (2) explore pandemic-inspired innovations from the pros and those freshly embracing digital tools; and (3) contemplate what we want to bring forward on the road ahead. Finally, we will discuss how we better connect to the aspirations and needs of our students, and figure out how together we can meet this moment and make the road ahead far better than the one behind.