The Golden Age of Learning: Advancing the Work in Progress

In education, we are often pummeled by the problems. Almost daily, we see distressing data on student learning, fixed mindsets, completion rates, equity gaps, affordability issues, lack of workforce readiness, and significant life-and-logistics issues–especially for first-generation and low-income students. But there is a strong case to be made that we are entering a golden age of learning. Not only is our country (and our world) making real progress on many fronts, important work is being done by educators, community leaders, and policy makers to make significant strides in how we teach, reach, and engage striving students. Indeed, more, and more diverse students than ever have access to more learning than ever before. In this conversation, we’ll present a framework for the optimistic among us to help continue to advance this work in progress by (1) embracing the inclusive education imperative; (2) thoughtfully leaning in to emerging technology, learning science, and innovative teaching-and-learning models; and (3) bringing a tough-minded approach to transforming our institutions and systems with deeper data, creative problem solving, and inclusive leadership to power our work to help students thrive in an increasingly “living-learning” world.